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Arab cooperation Protocol between EPRA & the Faculty of Mass Communication, University of Baghdad

Published_On 14/11/2016

Dr Mohammad Amiri, head of public relations department announced the Faculty of Mass Communication Baghdad University and Consultant EPRA in Iraq - for the determination of the Faculty of Mass Communication joint cooperation protocol signed with EPRA after the faculty dean Prof. Dr. Hashim Al-Tamimi approval to the signing of a scientific cooperation agreement include the organization of joint scientific activities between the two sides, such as conferences, seminars and workshops as well as training and the participation of faculty in the scientific fellowship association membership and in publishing the magazine staff members Middle East Public Relations Research.

     The Board of EPRA administration in its last, headed by Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, president of the association and agreed to sign a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Mass Communication, University of Baghdad, after deliberations and exchange of notes between the two sides over the years, the Council has a representative and authorized member of the Board of Directors and head of the cultural committee Ali Hussein Mihi who a visit to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday, to view and sign the memorandum of understanding, where he met with the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication Prof. Dr. Hashim Hassan al-Tamimi and discussed with him on the cooperation agreement as well as meeting the college professors to provide the expertise and the formation of a clear vision of the reality of academic institutions in Iraq and especially the Faculty of Mass Communication, where it is the mother College the faculties of the media in Iraqi universities.

      He added that the visit comes Ameri cooperation and scientific knowledge and openness to society in all fields and the signing of memorandums of understanding and cooperation with the media and academic institutions and scientific research centers sober and civil society organizations to exchange knowledge and scientific expertise.

     For his part, the Chair of EPRA, Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, pointed out that the prospective cooperation represents the first of a joint Arab cooperation includes various Arab states, to implement the vision of the future of the Association and the achievement of its objectives and its policy of opening-up and the formation and consolidation of the Egyptian-Arab relations.

   He praised Prime EPRA great effort exerted by the Deanship of the Faculty of Mass Communication, headed by Prof. Dr. Hashim al-Tamimi, and the presidency of the public relations department about the continuing interest in the practical training and implementation of workshops and conferences and improve the educational process and the development of renewable mechanisms based on creativity and innovation in the areas of public relations and media. To put the media in Baghdad singularly rating at the level of the Arab colleges and universities.

    At the end of the visit, Dr. Hashim Al-Tamimi dean of the faculty received a certificate of scientific fellowship of the Egyptian public relations Association and that the Board of EPRA management agreed to grant recognition to him.

This was stated by Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Ali, media Consultant of EPRA.