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EPRA Honors the Saudi Cultural Attaché in its Cultural Salon

Fighting it with a law of information circulation The most important recommendations of the symposium on public relations and rumors.

" Towards the Promotion of Public Relations in the Arab World" The title of the Cultural Salon of the Egyptian Public Relations Association

EPRA Awarded SAPRA Shield of Friendship Among Nations

Agwa wins Shield of Excellence

Chair of EPRA

Arab cooperation Protocol between EPRA & the Faculty of Mass Communication, University of Baghdad

''EPRA Awards : Shield of Excellence to '' Shal '', Star to ''Elmehy'', Apprecation to ''Allawy

Eighteenth Issue of JPRR.ME

Scientific visit from "EPRA" to the media department at the Institute of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Hajj Research and Umrah

'' Under the slogan in love of Egypt: EPRA organize a medical convoy to the people in '' Ben El-Sarayat

The first Arabic Impact Factor in (media) for the Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Welcome in your association ( EPRA ) the Egyptian Public Relations Association .. this grand edifice, which was established for each practitioner of public relations whether he is  a student or an academic or a practitioner of a profession or a friend of ours. We care for creativity and innovation ideas in Public Relations .. We preserve the term "Public Relations" and will raise all the practices; and where science, art and experience;  EPRA always can be found in the lead ..

PR for All, welcome,

 Founder & Chairman

Dr. Hatem Mohamed Atef (Ph.D)

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