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The first Arabic Impact Factor in (media) for the Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Published_On 27/11/2016

    He congratulated Dr. Ali Ajwa professor of public relations and Chief editor of the Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East, researchers and the scientific community - obtaining the Journal's first Arab Impact Factor in (Media) Arab Refereed Journals by a factor of Arabic influence of 1.33, in the report from 2016.

    He congratulated Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, founder of the Journal and its chairman, researchers and members of the scientific, Consultation Board committees of the Egyptian public relations Association obtaining the Journal on the "Arab Impact Factor" AIF which is a project to be implemented under the supervision of the Federation of Arab Universities, the American Enterprise “Natural Sciences Publishing” collaboration with some of the most sound scientific and research institutions in the Arab world and beyond, serve the Arab scientific community and its institutions and its researchers. It aims to define Arab researchers the most prominent scientific journals in the thematic specialization, according to the coefficient of influence; allowing them the opportunity to be published in the prominent journals. In addition to evaluating the performance of researchers, universities and research institutions objectivity and scientific disciplines and performance in the scientific community in general.

    Dr. Hatem said that "Arab Impact Factor" provides an assessment of quantitative and qualitative terms of the quality and sedate specialized in all fields of human knowledge of Arab Journals, with the aim of monitoring the Arab scientific activity in most of its channels, which are key channel in scientific communication between researchers for nearly 350 years and is scientific journals.

 It is worth mentioning that the effect coefficient is a measure of the importance of the Refereed of scientific journals within the area of ​​research specialization, and reflects the influence coefficient over the new research reference to research previously published in the Journal and cited; and the rate of spread of the Journal in the world, in terms of the nationalities of the participants involved in the publication by and places of work of various researchers in universities and scientific institutions, and so is the Journal which has high impact factor more important and more dependent on them in the specialist scientific community, more than others.

This was stated by Dr. Sayid Abdul Rahman, Media Consultant to the Egyptian Public Relations Association.