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Under the slogan in love of Egypt: EPRA organize a medical convoy to the people in '' Ben El-Sarayat"

Published_On 10/11/2016

Organized on Thursday the Egyptian Public Relations Association medical convoy to the people " Ben El-Sarayat " in Dokki in front of Cairo University in cooperation with the Egyptian Federation for Development and the Directorate of Health in Giza .. included several disciplines: (Belly - children - women - bones - the means of regulating pregnancy and ultrasound), and was able to convoy detection on 120 cases and exchange them immediate treatment, which won the applause and praise pathological cases and the people of '' Ben El- Sarayat '' ..

For his part, Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, the Egyptian head of public relations, pointed out that the organization of the convoy comes within the fields of activities and work of the Assembly, including the development of local communities, and provide social and humanitarian and medical assistance for those with needs.

Prime EPRA He added that the Egyptian public relations is sparing no effort to provide relieve for Egyptian citizens in light of the continuing rise and inflation in prices, noting that the Assembly will continue to organize events and awareness campaigns and social and medical convoys to all Egyptians and support the efforts of the state in the care of low-income .

This was stated by Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman Ali, media consultant to the Egyptian Public Relations Association.