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Statistical report: (116) researcher at the (45) University from all over the world, published in (JPRR,ME) last three years

Published_On 18/11/2016

Egyptian Public Relations Association recently published the latest statistical reports for the Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East in the period from October 2013 and even the latest Issue of the Journal at the end of September of the year 2016 - Report shows large spread for the Journal in the world rate included the participation of 116 researchers from (45) University and scientific institution participated in the publication of the Journal from 16 different nationalities have contributed to the deployment of (78) Search in Arabic and (5) in French and English (4) research, as well as summaries of the Thesis and Offers to transfer books.

 He pointed out the founder of the Journal its Board of Directors and Chairman Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, the report explained that the Faculty of Modern Science in Dubai topped the university in terms of the number of participants, including the publication of the Journal, followed by Cairo University and Umm Al Qura University in Makkah and occupied the University of Algiers 3 ranked fourth in terms of the participation of faculty members rate in publishing the Journal, while fifth place went to Sohag University followed by the University of Algiers and Ajman University of Science and Technology .. the report shows the following link full statistical analysis of the Journal during the time period covered by the analysis period.


This was stated by Dr. Abdul Rahman Ali Media Consultant of Egyptian Public Relations Association.