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(Wazzan" win third Award in the global platform competition (I want "

Published_On 02/12/2016

Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Al-Wazzan Fellow of EPRA - Assistant Professor of Mass communication at Northern University, Saudi Arabia, won - third Award in the platform competition, "I want," the researchers Arabic speakers within the posts visible to the best media content in 2016, where progress in the competition of the report of a news photographer for Platform "want" from the private production, and earned a third Award globally at the level of researchers and experts speaking Arabic.

    It is worth mentioning that the platform "want" the first global research platform dedicated to the Arabic-speaking community, based in Malaysia, this competition first global contest media Convenes of the podium at the level of researchers, experts and scholars.

  Dr. Syed Abdul Rahman, media Consultant of EPRA; that of the Egyptian public relations Association Board, headed by Dr. Hatem Mohammed Atef, sent congratulations to Dr. Wazzan for having a global award for Well-deserved, wish him a sparkle and continued success.

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