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EPRA Condemns BBC International for Broadcasting Fake News on Egypt

Published_On 04\03\2018

The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Public Relations Association (EPRA) and the heads of its scientific and advisory committees condemned the recent action of BBC News International for Broadcasting fake news within one of its documentary movies about the existence of an "Enforced Disappearance" in Egypt, which is totally against the truth. Dr. Hatem Atef, the founder and the chairman of the association, said that the media atmosphere must adhere to accuracy and objectivity and avoid spreading rumors and fake news - which has not been abided by that channel in its recent media practices. EPRA chairman added that there is no "enforced disappearance" in Egypt, as claimed by the British channel, but there are some channels and media belonging to terrorist entities or funded by countries and systems aimed at distorting the mental image of Egypt and its political leadership which leads at the end to destabilize the whole society. The Egyptian Public Relation Association Board praised the attitude and the decisions of the Egyptian Attorney General, as he instructed both the public attorneys and the heads of the Public Prosecution – each within its jurisdiction – to continue to follow up the media and social communication sites and to monitor what is being deliberately reported and released as fake news, statements or rumors that would disturb public security or threaten the members of the society or cause harm to the public interest of the Egyptian state, as well as he gave instructions to take the necessary criminal procedures against such cases. The Board stressed on the importance of addressing the Information General Organization (IGO) as the largest Public Relations governmental entity in Egypt to resist such misleading channels and media and the need for addressing the concerned international bodies to preserve Egypt's right to rehabilitation. Noting that, EPRA Board agreed to publish this statement and translate it into English and send it to various media, as a mean for correcting the fake mental image of Egypt and standing – as a protective strong wall – against those forces of evil and who may try to tamper with the security of our homeland.